Mobile-First vs Responsive Web Design: What’s the 2022 Front Runner?

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For those who haven’t come across these terms before, you might be wondering what is the buzz about these two terminologies: Mobile-first and Responsive web design? Knowing what they are could mean changing your digital strategy for 2022 based on what you know about your potential customers.

Before diving deeper into these concepts, let me present you with a couple of stats about the trends in web design and development. Take a look around you, if you are out in public, you will see most folks fixated on the little glowing screens of their smartphones.

Half of the world’s internet users (approximately 2 billion) browse their web through smartphones. Many of them might not even have a laptop, desktop, or even tablet.

Mobile usage vs desktop usage comparison also shows that 58% of online purchases happen on mobile devices. (Source: Merchant Savvy)