Application Modernization & Re-Engineering

Rapidly re-engineer your legacy software applications with our end-to-end technology suite.

Are Your IT Solutions Keeping Up with The New Normal?
It May Be Time to Modernize.

If legacy applications are at the core of your operations and if the total cost of ownership is too high; and compliance, scalability and security are being compromised, it’s time for a legacy software modernization.

Migrating to a modern digital technology stack might be imperative but you must evaluate the best approach to application modernization that fits your business needs

  1. Rearchitecting: Code restructuring and shift to new architecture.
  2. Rebuilding: Complete redesign from scratch while keeping the original scope.
  3. Replacing: Toss out the legacy application component and replace with new requirements and needs.

iTech India’s extensive experience and R&D strengths will help you to achieve an effective reengineering of applications to accelerate modernization using our software and platform driven solutions.

Modernize to Drive Transformation

Become cloud-enabled. Be future ready.

Modernize to be Agile

Open up more opportunities

Modernize to reduce Operational Cost

Improve security. Be more productive

Our 7-step Application Re-engineering Methodology


Prior to legacy modernization, we will analyze your existing IT architecture, how people use the existing system and understand your business vision. Our legacy application modernization company experts will provide a technical target architecture that will enable seamless migration while minimizing business risks.

Database changes

With code restructuring, the database must also be migrated to higher end versions. In a microservices approach to application modernization, multiple database systems, like RDBMS, NoSQL or GRAPH can be integrated. We use tried and tested tools with a highly automated approach to eliminate delays and ensure quality results.

Technology upgrades

iTech’s upgradation methodology, through a comprehensive modernization platform, combines our proprietary tools along with third-party tools to minimize customization and provide faster time to completion. We architect systems in such a way that we break down a monolith system into well-defined micro-services.

Language Upgradation

Modernizing an application goes hand-in-hand with changing the programming languages. We reengineer legacy applications through automated conversions to target latest software platforms and operating systems. For example, a legacy application written in COBOL or RPG can be transformed into a C# program, retaining the same business logic.

Cloud Migration

The cloud opens up opportunities for innovation, powers up performance, centralizes functionality, simplifies updates, reduces time to market and saves operation costs through a pay-as-you-go structure. Our team has the expertise on private cloud and public-cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, SAP, GCP and others using well defined structured, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack migration.

Security and Compliance

Application security can never be an after-thought but must be built-in right from the start. This is why organizations trust us to back up their data before encrypted cloud data migration. We deploy protected applications right from the start, independent of the infrastructure used. We also constantly update our data compliancy landscape and are compliant with all existing regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR etc.

User Interface Conversion

Terrific applications will always have a great user experience. Legacy systems with an outdated UI will need to be rearchitected by using modern GUI and UX frameworks along with building reactive applications. We work with the latest front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Java, Angular and more.

Our Legacy System
Migration tools and Technologies

Our legacy modernization and application re-engineering team with its wealth of knowledge in new technologies, provides our partners with tools we know will help them to succeed.

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