Business Process Automation Services

Helping businesses automate critical processes to realize financial benefits and identify new opportunities

Why Automate?

Only tasks that need creativity or emotional intelligence are not good candidates for automation. Every other business process can be automated end-to-end.

If your employees, customers or even vendors are doing repetitive tasks to complete a process then it’s time to switch over to business process automation.

The 3 important questions that businesses should ask are

If your answer is yes, then it’s time to automate the heck out of it. iTech’s automation services ensure that you reap the benefits from the increased efficiency, improved accuracy, higher productivity, better customer service and also full tracking and audit on all processes.

We estimate, that we enable our clients to reduce operational costs by up to 30 percent within five years.

-Navin Kumar Parthiban, Director Itech India

We have the Expertise to Deliver Projects
of any Scale. On Time. On Budget. On Value.

We are proud of the fact that the majority of our new business comes from recommendations. This comes from a long track record of exceeding our client’s expectation. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of industry expertise over 18 years of working with global companies, many of them in the Fortune 500. We pride ourselves on a deep understanding of best practices, a rigorous approach to understanding business specific goals and a team of highly talented project management and automation experts who are ready to tailor solutions exactly right for you.

Our Expertise

  • Expert BPA Developers
  • Latest technology
  • Connect front and back-office operations


  • Cost-effective pricing model
  • Error-free delivery
  • Continued support and maintenance

Focus on You

  • Frequent communication
  • Regular reports
  • We adhere to your local compliance and regulatory needs

Our Artificial Intelligence Service

We develop powerful business automation solutions that will enhance your operational efficiency and fuel business growth. Our expertise lies in three core areas – Pattern recognition and Machine learning, Neural networks and Deep Learning with NLP; and Computer vision with image processing. Our end-to end project delivery includes platform selection and setting up infrastructure, to building the automation solution with development, testing and deployment

Explore Our Expertise

Machine Learning and AI

NLP with Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Automate any Process

Automation could save your business a lot of money, but you may want to know about what processes can be automated and what is even possible. As we have already said, anything repetitive can be automated. Here are workflows that are most commonly automated but consult our automation experts for advice and recommendations for any business process that you consider would benefit from automation.

Explore Our Expertise


  • Asset Management
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Move requests
  • Facility Access


  • Capital Approvals
  • Vendor Management 
  • Procurement
  • Invoice Approvals


  • CapEx Approval Workflow
  • Expense Approvals
  • Accounts Payable


  • Security Access Request
  • New Account Setup
  • IS service requests
  • New Project Requests


  • New Hire management
  • Employee onboarding & offboarding
  • Benefit Changes
  • Timesheets


  • Product discounts
  • Pricing discounts
  • Quote approvals
  • Proposal Approvals


  • Collateral Approvals
  • Campaign Approvals
  • Brand management

Customer Support

  • Automate data entry 
  • Automate Agent Actions
  • Ticketing and Self -service
  • Reporting and Data

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