What are 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2023 to Improve ROI?

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What are the Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2023?

Digital marketers, particularly SMEs do not have unlimited marketing budgets compared to large organizations whose strategies cover the gamut of marketing channels. The marketing world moves at the speed of light, and trends come in and go out. However, there are some trends that will survive the test of time, at least for the next few years. It is these trends that small and medium businesses need to keep abreast of. These are the 4 digital marketing trends in 2023 that every business, irrespective of size, must set in motion for their organizations.

Voice-enabled search is increasing, is your website ready for it?

Humans have always preferred to communicate through speech. It is just that technology was not yet so advanced to support this preference. In 2023, it is a completely different landscape. Speech recognition technology is more advanced than a few years back. In fact, Google’s speech recognition accuracy for queries in English has an outstanding 95% accuracy. It won’t be long before this will be true for voice in almost all other language searches.

Google’s speech recognition accuracy for queries in English has an outstanding 95% accuracy.

Interesting voice search statistics:

  • In 2022, 40.2% of searches in the USA were voice searches. Globally it is at 27%.
  • 52% of users do voice searches when driving
  • Google’s speech recognition technology has a 95% accuracy rate for search queries in English.
  • Voice AI and Machine Learning have improved so much in accuracy that it is predicted that 75% of voice search results will influence the top 3 positions even for desktop

How many brands are investing invoice Search in 2023

The statistics above should be put in the perspective that Google voice search was first introduced by Google in 2011. In the early years, adoption was low and the technology was nascent. But with the growing ownership of smartphones and a generation of users who have been born in the technological era, voice searches might soon overtake typing out queries. 

Businesses and SEO specialists must recognize that online search is altering is go