Why Schools Must have a Digital Library to Help Their Students

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A Digital Library helps Students and Library Staff

The School Education Department has directed all government and government-aided schools to upload their textbooks in their libraries to their school library app. The circular directs school principals  ‘speedy completion of work’ so that their students will be able to access all books through the app.

While the circular only pertains to government schools, it is a clear indication of the increasing importance of a good library management system for all schools. Digital library software helps in digitally organizing, cataloging and managing both physical and digital books. Learners prefer a digital environment that allows them to access information as needed rather than the restrictions of visiting a traditional library at specified times.

Benefits of a digital library

A new generation of students brings a new set of expectations. Young people have had electronic access to information all their lives and so their expectations from a school or higher education library are different from previous generations. The institution’s library has to change with evolving needs a