Do’s and Don’ts of Business Automation: What to Know at the Start

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Business Process Automation Do’s and Don’ts

67% of companies are using business process automation while 97% of businesses believe that digital transformation and automation go hand in hand. These statistics tell us that even smaller organizations are going to automate their internal processes. However, not every business that has implemented process automation is using it well. Often, mistakes are made that increase the challenges rather than increase productivity. Ensuring that the investment made in automation is not wasted, requires a few checks and counterbalances to be in place.

Automation technologies changing our lives 

Automation is right there in our everyday lives making everything easier. Washing machines have microcontrollers that run the load on preselected settings and automatically switch off when the cycle is done. Then they are the automatic transmission vehicles that have taken over from manual cars. What about the power-backup devices that automatically switch on when the regular power supply goes off? Look around and much in our world is already automated.

The business world is just as quickly automating its workflows. The purpose of business process automation (BPA) is to reduce human effort. BPA refers to software p