5 Third-party App Integrations that can Benefit Business Websites

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Third party app integration important for website

Creating a business website gets you an online presence that is vital in today’s digital climate. It is just as important to update it continually and particularly important is bringing in new functionality that will help business growth, When we talk about new features, it does not necessarily require new development. There is an easier way to quickly add new features to your website through website integrations, Third-party apps that can be integrated with your website opens up new opportunities for your company. 

Defining third-party application integrations 

Website integration is when a website sends or receives information from another application or a system. 

The importance of third-party app integration can be best explained with this example. Every business has a sales department and they are hungry for leads. Your website is customer-facing and a portal for potential new customers. But as long as the sales flow and your website are isolated from each other, there is a lost opportunity. Imagine if the CRM tool (customer relationship management) like Hubsport Marketplace or Salesforce is integrated with your business website? When a visitor to the site leaves their information in a contact form, their details immediately flow into the sales CRM and the ‘hot’ lead is assigned to a sales team member. This is an effective integration of a third-party applica