How to integrate and Automate WhatsApp Click-to-Chat on Your Website

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Have you purchased a product on an eCommerce site? The probability is that you would have instantly got a confirmation through their Whatsapp business account. That shows just how powerful Whatsapp has become in recent years as a communication tool for businesses. Most smartphones nowadays come preloaded with Whatsapp and it is available in over 180 countries. Businesses are recognizing the wide reach of WhatsApp and that customer’s want to communicate with businesses the same way they communicate with friends and family.

WhatsApp is used by approximately 2 billion people worldwide, making it the most popular instant messaging app, globally.

This is the reason why more and more businesses are using Whatsapp as part of their marketing strategy. It can be used to send shipping alerts and new product information, appointment reminders from healthcare facilities and much more.

When WhatsApp Click-to-chat is added to your website it makes communication more personalized. However, manually being available to answer customer queries is not the answer. This is why Whatapp ChatBots are gaining popularity.

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot? 

The WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated software that uses a rule-based engine, that includes  Artificial Intelligence, to understand what a user is saying and responds to it. For instance, if you send a chat message to a business account of a bakery, saying “I would like to order a cake for this Saturday”. The automated chatbot recognizes ‘cake’ and ‘Saturday’ and replies with ‘Here is a list of cakes we can provide with prices. Let me know which one you want.” It is as simple as that. Though the conversation here is between a human and an algorith