How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Website’s SEO Results

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Does social media activity have any effect on your website ranking on Google or Bing? While Google might not give us a definitive answer on this, there seems to be a definitive link. 

Google’s fuzzy message on social signals is reflected in Matt Cutts, their ex-search quality evangelist, announcing in 2010 that social signals were important but then completely backtracking on this in 2014. This was probably because Facebook had blocked Google crawlers for a month and Google engineers were wary of working on special engineering for social sites if they were to be blocked. Also, the personal and sensitive data on social media pages didn’t make it always feasible for showing it on organic search results. 

Yet, a 2018 study by Hootsuite showed that sites with social promotions did much better than those without. So, coming to the big traffic question, in 2021 does social media signals help your website rank better in organic search results? Let’s deep dive into this to know what digital marketers must keep an eye out for in their never-ending quest to boost traffic to their websites.

Backlinks from social media – Do they count? 

A backlink, by definition, is any website that links back to your site. Since social media sites like Facebook are websites, then any link from them must by that definition be a backlink. It is not so straightforward though. While backlinks from high quality websites do help you, there is a distinction. Sites that provide you a ‘Do Follow’ backlink are more valuable than those that convert your