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Web Application Development

For Businesses in the USA

We help businesses build simple to enterprise level web applications.

Automate your processes and fuel business growth.


Our 20 years of expertise, ensure you highly scalable,
affordable & secure web apps

iTech is based in Dallas with our development center in India. This ensures you a cost-effective solution and a dedicated team of technology and support specialists with a no-hassle integration with your existing systems and infrastructure. Our custom web application development solutions include building SaaS platforms, smart analytical dashboards, enterprise web-based app development, and any other application served over the web. We have developed numerous first-of-its-kind software solutions as well as customizing and upgraded existing systems for our clients in all parts of the US.

We needed someone who could grasp our vision and we found it in iTech India’s seasoned team of engineers. We were developing a collaborative platform for visa processing requests to different countries. iTech successfully customized forms and automated data capture with ML-based classification, as well as auto-populated data to relevant form fields making the customer journey easier.
Jon Velie, President, Online Visas Oklahoma, USA

Whether you're ready to begin your project or just evaluating, give us a call. We'll help you figure out the best option or solution that works for you!

Our Web Application Development Services In USA

iTech’s software engineering team specializes in a variety of coding languages including  Python (build more functions with fewer lines of code) or MeteorJS., a full stack framework (written using Node.js) which is popular for rapid prototyping and cross-platform code (iOS, Android, web). Our database administrators can also upgrade your databases from older versions to leverage new technologies, such as MongoDB (NoSQL) or PostgreSQL. Our Application Modernization Services can migrate your legacy monolithic application architectures to a microservices architecture, where each app service is created individually and deployed independently.

Your Right-fit Custom Web Application Development Company

We build all types of web apps tailored to your specific needs

Enterprise Web App Development

Since 2003 we have built hundreds of custom digital solutions for US businesses. Enterprise web applications manage the collaboration and business processes that are both internal and external to your company, completing tasks in less time. Our tailor-made solutions are deployed in the cloud, secure and data-centered.

SaaS Development

We have built secure and scalable SaaS applications for our partners in healthcare, HR, sports, legal and other sectors.

Operational / Functional

These are dynamic web apps with APIs and are built for improving productivity on a specific function such as invoice management, custom ordering etc.

Customer Web Portals

We have delivered custom portals for 300+ SMBs fitted to varying infrastructures. Our website development engineers focus on performance, security and operational excellence to build websites with integrated user experience.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps work like native apps but open in a web browser. They provide an app-like experience without the headache of downloading the app. Our best-in-class progressive web app development services have deployed PWA solutions across industry verticals.

AI and Automation

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being used in web applications to automate manual tasks, speed up operations, improve decision-making and enhance customer experience. We have on our team, experts in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer vision, and Deep Learning.

Application Support & Maintenance

In most projects we continue to support our customers after delivery. We have also taken over application maintenance for clients with running applications. Software maintenance includes new business requirements, technology upgrades and keeping it bug-free.

Essential steps in our process
Before we build you the right-fit web app solution.

Technology Consulting

Our web application development experts will evaluate your business needs and your existing technology, to pick the right tech stack for you.

Research and Planning

We define the project roadmap, clarify requirements and then build detailed documentation. This ensures that your new web application exactly fits business specifics.

Software Prototyping with UI/UX design

The proof of concept pays close attention to user experience and interaction design. We will test the protype to ensure the final version renders as expected on all devices.

iTech Leverages Latest Web Technologies
to Develop Unique Solutions





Cloud and Database Management

We will analyze your business challenges and propose technology solutions.

FAQs For Web Application Development

A web app like a CRM or even a website is available on your browser i.e it can be opened on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device through your internet browser, A mobile app on the other hand works only on a mobile device and is usually downloaded from Google Play store or Apple Store. A mobile app can also be directly downloaded to a mobile device using an APK. To know more, have a look at our mobile application development services.

As a web application company, we cannot give a ballpark figure without knowing how simple or complex your web application is. However, once again, we have developed complex web applications like telehealth applications for doctors within 3 months. Regardless of the complexity of the web app, our team of developers has the expertise to handle different programming platforms. We have consistently delivered custom web application development projects on agreed timelines.
iTech’s re-development/re-engineering services are specially framed to bring businesses modern technology while retaining the functionality of legacy apps. Many businesses do not want to completely do away with their legacy applications because of the information and knowledge they carry. Have a look at our re-engineering services to know more about the approach that will suit you. We recommend contacting us to understand more about how we have worked with other businesses with the same requirements as yours.
Yes, we do provide regular maintenance as well as troubleshooting services for our customers. Web application maintenance is an ongoing process that many of our clients have included in their requirements. Application maintenance includes analyzing, modifying, and re-evaluating software applications to make sure that they are always current.

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