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As the app development company of choice for many businesses in USA, we have a portfolio of solutions that prove that we can take your concept and turn it into a product your users will love. We are headquartered in Texas – USA, with a 300+ strong development center in India. This brings a two-fold benefit of cost-effective solutions and a team of dedicated, expert app developers in native and cross-platform app development.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up or large corporation, we have a team to transform your business digitally. We aren’t just talking big when we say we go beyond what is expected. Our company culture is built on 3Cs: Clarity, Competence, and Communication. We back this up with processes in place to craft mobile applications that are delivered according to agreed timelines. If you have a problem, we have a solution – Talk to us today or alternatively contact us through the form below!

Our Client-Centric Approach

To Feature-Rich App Development

iTech’s 19 years of developing cutting-edge software solutions across diverse platforms has helped us to hone a client-centric approach that truly works. We know how difficult it can be to explain your business requirements to a technology partner. This is why we have senior people on our board, both in the USA and off-shore, that will examine every aspect of your project brief to ensure that you and we as your tech partner are in step at every stage of the development journey.

Your project will go through a well-planned strategic procedure that will finalize a development process exactly suited to your app project. These are the 3 core pillars in our app development process


  • The first step is requirement gathering and stakeholder interviews
  • Then we do a competitor and problem research
  • This is followed by a meticulously planned process workflow and milestones.
  • Our specialized team of UI experts and designers will finalize with you the UI/UX mockups
  • iTech also has a client portal  for communication and  project status.


  • Our expert team of app developers invests in well-written codes that bring in high quality, and scalability and ensures long-term ROI.
  • Testing covers functional testing, integration testing, devices & unit testing.


  • Our mobile app development services continue after the handover of the app.
  • A dedicated IT team will conduct routine checks on the security and performance of your app.
  • We will also troubleshoot, take backups and make updates and upgrades.

Industries we serve

We are industry agnostic but here are some of the sectors where our solutions have made a mark.












Information Technology

Native App Development Services

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Apple iOS, for the first time in 2022 overtook the Android marketshare in the U.S. The iOS  smartphone operating systems market in the United State is at 54.42%. Though this strength is not reflected in the global marketshare, which is about 23%. Android Smartphones have a U.S. marketshare of 45.24%.

This is why Native App Development is still the go-to choice for many American businesses when they want to deliver a superior user experience. iOS and Android apps have a much faster performance because they directly work with the device’s operating system.  They are also typically more secure since they are protected by multiple layers of the OS that are a deterrent to security violations.

iTech has a team of iOS developers skilled in Swift and Objective-C programming languages along with Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE), Xcode and Cocoa. Cocoa Touch Frameworks is the primary environment used to build apps for various Apple devices such as Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhones.

Our Android specialists make UX a breeze. The tools we use for android app development include Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Android Emulators, and SQLite. The frameworks we work on are top of the line such as Titanium SDK, and Corona SDK.


Hybrid and Cross-platform App Development Services

These use completely different technology even if Hybrid and Cross-Platform apps both work on the same principle of  “write code just once and use it anywhere”.

Hybrid app development is a combination of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (web development) that are embedded into native apps using plugins like Ionic Capacitor or Apache Cardova. This enables developers to access the native features of smartphone devices. It is perfect for applications that must run on the web and mobile platforms and don’t require an immersive UI experience.

Cross-platform app development has gained increasing popularity in recent times. All thanks to React Native Framework, Flutter SDK, and Xamarin which allow you to code in one language but run the app on multiple platforms. For instance, React Native (developed by Facebook) uses the same UI building blocks as iOS and Android but uses JS and React to build them. Flutter is an open-source software development Kit (SDK) developed by Google

Our experienced team of cross-platform app developers provides a streamlined development process – from advice on the most suitable framework for your project to graphic design, architecture, development, and deployment.

Our technology expertise

We have extensive experience working with all major mobile app development software and technologies in the U.S. market.






Android App Development





Cross-Platform App Development

React Native




Progressive Web App Development

React Native




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