Document Automation Made Easy
with AI technology

DocExtract is a powerful document digitization tool that streamlines document handling. It is an efficiency boost for businesses that spend multiple hours manually processing documents from different sources.

The data capture tool extracts information and classifies documents using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR technology) to interpret both structured (digital forms) and unstructured documents (email, word documents, PDF etc). The software can also analyze paper documents and recognize written characters within them and save them in a digital format,

Stop paying a productivity tax to manually convert unstructured data into your information systems,. Find out how DocExtract can support your organization.


Document Classification

AI and Machine learning tools ‘learn’ by analyzing sample documentation and then use an optimally tuned model to accurately categorize digitized documents.

Customizable Functionality

With DocExtract, we can train the ML algorithms to understand your company-specific document models. This ensures complete compatibility with your business requirements.
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Ensures Scalability

It is perfect for both small businesses to large enterprises because whether you are converting a handful of paper documents or a high volume bulk conversion, the speed and accuracy remain consistent.

Improves Efficiency

Fast document conversion times increase productivity and make it easier for employees to find and manage documents. AI tools can identify the type of document and route it to the correct department.

What sort of files do we work with?

iTech is GDPR compliant as well as HIPAA compliant since we work with organizations in various industries. Our DocExtract product can effortlessly deal with medical records, legal records, insurance documents, historical documents, property, and corporate documents. Our data capture software is designed to be customizable and can also combine machine learning with human validation to get 100% accurate digital documents every time

Quality is Key in every project

iTech stands by the guarantee of exceptional document conversion services. Every project we complete, be it large or small gets the same amount of attention. We have developed proprietary software through 10 years of experience in handling document data services for companies in the USA and globally. We have scanned millions of documents and images in this time.

While we don’t sacrifice quality, you don’t have to break the bank when you choose DocExtract’s paper to document digitization conversion services. No matter where you are located and whichever industry you are in, we’re ready to bring our proven expertise to your document conversion project.

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