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iTech is a software company providing advanced AI and ML automation services to drive operational growth and efficiency for American business.


Almost every business process can be automated end-to-end. There are 3 things iTech’s AI services can do for your company – Automating complex but routine tasks to enhance business processes, gaining insights through data, and improving customer interactions.

What you get with iTech: Our team brings together industry-leading AI technologies and frameworks and powers them with business acumen to create tailored solutions to solve your unique business challenges.

We estimate, that we enable our clients to reduce operational costs by
more than 30 percent within five years.
-Navin Kumar Parthiban, Director, iTech​

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Our cross-industry expertise delivers
market-changing AI solutions

We are proud of the fact that the majority of our new business comes from recommendations. This comes from a long track record of exceeding our client’s expectations. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of industry expertise over 19 years of working with global companies, many of them in the Fortune 500.

As an AI development company, we have integrated intelligent automation when our client’s projects required it. Here are a few use cases, though our industry expertise is wide-ranging.

AI in Healthcare

Our EHR product – RehabONE – have automated workflows such as AI-powered clinical documentation using NLP-powered tools that integrate with the EHR system. This easily converts case notes into data.

AI in Legal

iTech has developed AI solutions for immigration law firms. The intelligent automation allowed them to file 460 H-1Bs for over 100 companies in a month, previously it took them a year. The success rate is 90%.

AI in Logistics & Supply Chain

We have automated processes in sales order entry, invoice management, and billing. Machine learning automation includes document classification and indexing using OCR and computer vision technology.

AI in HR Management

Smart recruitment begins with the resume parser tool we have developed. The resume parser platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence to extract information from resumes of different format and present it as structured data for easy analysis.

AI in Insurance

Verifying eligibility for health insurance is a time-consuming process as it needs to access multiple sources. We have automated many of the business processes in Insurance eligibility verification and claims submission

iTech’s Cross-industry Product

DocExtract is an intelligent document processing tool that uses AI and ML to scan, analyze and categorize any document type. The data capture tool extracts information using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR technology). It works on both paper documents and unstructured digital documents like PDFs and Emails.

AI Technologies We Use to Develop

Business Process Automation

Our expertise lies in three core areas – Pattern recognition and Machine learning, Neural networks and Deep Learning with NLP; and Computer vision with image processing. Our end-to-end project delivery includes platform selection and setting up infrastructure, to building the automation solution with development, testing and deployment

Explore Our Expertise

Machine Learning and AI

  • Machine learning capabilities from Edge to Cloud, with expertise to build solutions using open source libraries.
  • We have partnerships with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Our process: We clean and transform data to improve its quality before we build and train models and iterate till we achieve the desired accuracy.
  • Once you evaluate it, we go ahead with model deployment. We have built a reputation of being among the best artificial intelligence companies.

NLP with Deep Learning

  • Our powerful Natural Language Processing uses neural networks and deep learning to extract data from images, text and videos to automatically understand underlying patterns without human involvement.
  • Performs tasks such as keyword extraction, classification and POS tagging Enables semantic search by understanding user intent in search queries Intelligent chatbots provide answers using natural language

Computer Vision

  • Machines and computers can be trained to automate tasks in the same way that human visual system processes information.
  • We have developed innovative applications with advanced components such as
    Object classification
    Feature and action recognition
    Instance segmentation Object tracking
    Pattern recognition etc.
  • We have developed diverse application across industries .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Automation is a type of software that minimizes human intervention and follows pre-programmed rules. When Artificial Intelligence (AI) is added to rule-based automation then it can learn from previous experiences and improve. Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI and is a technology for realizing AI solutions.

AI produces value only if it can support and improve business processes. Choosing among various AI development companies for your company depends on their experience (years in the field), the team’s technology skills and cost-effectiveness Of course, post-implementation support should be closely looked at, as well as a demo of their existing solutions.
Automation is everywhere but businesses do have a challenge with developing AI solutions to improve process efficiency. One of these is largely technical because AI experts are hard to hire. This is why many businesses prefer to outsource their AI services to artificial intelligence companies like iTech.
It is a standard practice at iTech when it handover any custom project at completion be it business process automation or any other service to transfer complete ownership to the business owner. This includes documentation and the requisite licenses and rights.
There is no ballpark figure that can be provided. It depends on a number of factors such as the complexity of AI and machine learning automation solution. It is best to get into a discussion with us to arrive at an approximation. However, an important factor is that since our development center is in India, the development cost will be much lower than a solution developed in the US while still having a higher bar on quality.
Since 5G will enable quicker data collection, it will help to generate more accurate AI models. It will also increase the usage of IoT technology by businesses in many new ways.

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