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Case Study: Simplex Transport Management Software

Case Study:
Simplex Group

iTech and 7T Developed a Full-Featured Custom Platform for the Premier Service Provider for America’s Trucking Industry

A Comprehensive Freight and Trucking Software Platform To Support Transportation Entrepreneurs

The Simplex platform provides a trucking and logistics app that brings all stakeholders of the trucking process together to connect and succeed. The app includes a mobile and web application, as well as an admin portal with state-of-the-art tools and features that work as soundly for a small transport company as for large clients with hundreds of trucks and logistic fleets. 

The logistics software platform provides truckers on the road as well as back office and fleet management staff a large variety of tasks such as – recruiting and onboarding truck drivers, accessing key documents, and monitoring fleets for accidents or other violations, It also eases the management of regulatory compliance issues, submitting service requests related to DOT compliance (motor carrier safety regulations), permits and taxes (amongst other features).

iTech developed this advanced logistics software platform in collaboration with our Group Partner, 7T.

Simplex Group’s Freight and Trucking Software Platform Development by iTech

An End-to-End Suite of GPS Fleet Management Tools

Fleet management software provides 24/7 insight for fleet managers of different aspects of each of their vehicles. Day-to-day intelligence gathering is made more accessible through data-rich and customizable reporting tools. All this information makes it easier to know what kind of assistance needs to be provided. 

The trucking business needs a platform that is built for easy accessibility. The mobile app and web-based platforms are easily accessible from any location be it the office or on the move. Its cross-device availability only requires a cellular or internet connection. It’s this easy accessibility that is proving to be a game changer for trucking companies wanting to drive their business forward.

Fleet Management Mobile App
Fleet management system for truckers on the Simplex app

Fleet management system for truckers on the Simplex app

GPS tracking and fleet management software are two sides of a coin, together they empower innovative software products.

Simplex wanted a transport management software solution that would meet the requirements of their back office staff as well as truckers on the road. The iTech software development team together with 7T, built a software platform that did all the heavy lifting. 

Some of the modules developed are

  • Driver Recruitment
  • Fleet Management Tools
  • DOT Compliance, Tax, and Permit Service Requests including Alerts on Deadlines
  • Task Management and Document Viewing Tools
  • Violation and Accident Monitoring Tools.
  • The Simplex Platform Provides Access to Commercial Insurance Solutions with Quotes for Cargo Insurance etc.

Data-rich Business Insights for a More Productive Trucking Fleet

It’s a platform that helps trucking entrepreneurs and carriers of all sizes to use accurate and up-to-date data to deliver on their goals. 

The Simplex app’s intuitive dashboard keeps the user updated about vital driver and vehicle information such as real-time truck location, truck mileage, earnings, driver report, etc. Key business parameters are used to generate vital analytics data to empower smart business decisions. 

The Simplex App gives users access to 

  • Analytics and Business Metrics
  • Dashboard View of Key Business Parameters;
  • Task Management Tools
  • Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork. All documents can be easily managed in a cloud-based digital document management system
Data-rich Business Insights for a More Productive Trucking Fleet

About Simplex Group

The Simplex Group is based in Miami, USA, and is dedicated to providing a variety of commercial transportation services to trucking companies and owner-operators alike. The Simplex company mission is “Empowering the dreams of those delivering to America.” The web and mobile application platform built by iTech and 7T for freight planning and factoring exactly aligns with this mission statement

FAQs Fleet Management Software

The purpose of a fleet management system is to provide not just an overview but also a drill-down capability of up-to-date information. Managers get an accurate insight into vehicle diagnostics, geolocation, and quick identification of driver unsafe behavior. This helps to reduce manager workload and allows staff time to focus on other critical business areas.

Much of the real-time data is made possible because of the inclusion of GPS technology in all trucks. When the technology is plugged into a vehicle’s dashboard it can collect data from all parts of the vehicle. For instance, fuel usage and wastage metrics. The fleet management system also has workflow automation such as service and maintenance reminders.

There are 7 key criteria to be evaluated when choosing trucking software. These are user-friendly intuitive interface, ease of discovery, ease of integration across devices, customizable functionality for each business needs, real-time data, security, and reliability of the provider.

Real-time fleet tracking in transport management software gives so much more than just the capacity to keep an eye on your drivers; it can also give you the power to safeguard your vehicles and other priceless assets. Vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems typically are more easily tracked and retrieved if stolen and sustain less damage.

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