What is Domain Authority and Why Should It Matter for Your Site?

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what is domain authority

Domain authority is a term very few are aware of except maybe the SEO specialists. Everyone though knows about SEO, especially if you are a business. Let’s put DA into perspective of SEO.

Say you have a beautiful Persian cat and you have started writing blogs about her. You have used all the right keywords in your blog. In short optimized it for search engines before you hit the ‘publish’ button and sent the blog out into the wide world of the internet. You are sure all those beautiful pictures you have added, along with ALT tags are going to draw in the readers. But then a few days later, you do a search for ‘Persian cats’ and your blog is nowhere on Google’s search result page 1 or even page 10. What went wrong? Instead, Vetstreet.com and cattime.com are in the top search results. Why is that?

Search Results on Google

Why is the domain authority (DA) of your website important?

Digging deeper into the top search results for my same example ‘Persian cats’. I took the websites which ranked at the top in Google Search  and ran their website address through a website DA checker such as MOZ DA checker and it gave me surprising insights. The top result, VetStreet, has a domain authority of 68 (have a look at the image below) and that is way higher then my blog site.