Accelerated Mobile Pages: Is it worth adopting for your website?

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Faster is better! Page load time is top of the list when it comes to user experience and mobile pages for most websites are slow to load. An average webpage can take over 15 seconds to load on 4G and let us not talk about 3G speeds. This is why AMP pages are catching attention of web masters the world over.

What is AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source coding standard launched by Google in 2016. This framework is used to create mobile pages that are faster to load. Most conventional mobile pages use the same elements as available on their desktop versions, making it much slower to load on the mobile. Truth to tell, most of the elements on the website need not be on the mobile. Paring down to what is essential for user experience is what AMP Pages do.

While it was developed to make user experience better on the mobile, it can work also on desktop. AMP for WordPress was introduced in 2018 with an official WordPress plugin making it support a fully integrated AMP publishing framework.

Here is how AMP works for speed

AMP pages are faster, even a paring down of 1 second can make a big difference to SERP and user behaviour. AMP basically puts speed and readability as the first priority and might not suit pages that require a number of CTA. In short, it is a pared down version of your existing page and it does this through a 3-step configuration

1.Html: AMP pages use a streamlined version of CSS and a stripped-down version of HTML code with tags specially created for AMP
2.JS: It eliminates unnecessary rendering and you must use the AMP Javascript library that ensures images will lazy load.
3.CDN: Google AMP cache is an optimized content delivery network that fcaches the document, JS and images in the same location, making them fast to load.

When to use AMP pages

According to statistics, 53% of users will leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. In fact, Amazon numbers show that it loses $1.2 billion for every 1/10 second increase in page load speed over the 3 second mark. So, there you have it, if you want to increase revenue from your web pages then page speed is important and if your main pages are not fast enough then move them to AMP.

In India, Myntra the fashion ecommerce biggie has used AMP pages to their advantage. All main pages