Pain Points In School Administration That A Cloud ERP Can Solve

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Pain points in school administration that a cloud ERP

Today, all schools find it a challenge to manage day-to-day activities using older systems like physical files and ledgers or even Excel spreadsheets. Administrative work, student attendance, student information, and admissions require a lot of manual effort as well as time, and there is no visibility between various departments. That is the reason in a nutshell why cloud, mobile, and digital technologies are becoming important. In fact, Education ERP software and cloud-based student information systems are generating more interest from educational institutions than ever before. 

Here are the pain points that schools talk to us about when discussing the need for an ERP implementation.

4 Common problems with manual processes in school management

Here are the most commonly observed problems in school management that a modern school ERP solution like Edumate ERP (from iTech) can resolve.

    1. Paper-based processes

    There is a lot of information that is processed on a daily basis in a school environment. Think about the numerous records generated for fees, student attendance, admissions, examinations and transport. Then there are timetable and teacher schedules, payroll processing, library management and hostel management. Every process generates a large number of records and saving it on an excel spreadsheet or in manual ledgers is a painstaking and time consuming process. 

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