Edumate ERP pro
A single distributed platform for multi-location, multi-syllabi, multi- institute education management

A Single ERP Platform for Multi-institutions

Edumate ERP Pro offers a multi-institute management system that has a versatile set of communication protocols to integrate different needs – CSBE, State, ICSE, Colleges and Professional Institutions. The powerful, cloud-based education ERP software allows each academic institution to function separately while still giving the top management a single integrated view. The 360-degree view through a super-admin reporting dashboard tracks up to the minute updates and key performance.

Edumate ERP makes across-the board management easier

Every institution’s process is different, right from finance to class management. An institute management system must be flexible enough to adapt to the differing needs while also be scalable enough to meet the expectations of growing institutions. A top-grade multi-school institution management software will also bring uniformity to the processes across all institutions making management easier.

Assign various modules as plug-ins to each academic institution

Edumate education ERP provides a top to down management in that you can customize your ERP software for each institution by deciding which module should be assigned to individual institutions. Hostel module might be needed only for college level to manage complete room allocation and hostel administration. Library modules with RFID and barcode technology can be plugged in for institutions in your group that need it. The same goes for bus management system, cafeteria, inventory, mentorship modules etc.

Set up multiple payment gateways for each institution

You can choose to keep the fees module separate for each academic institution by having multiple payment gateways for online fee payment - credit cards, debit cards, net banking, Paytm etc. Multi-institution Education ERP enables multiple fee plan creation and generates fees and receipts while maintaining financial control through the management log-in.

Set up a single notification system for SMS

Easily set up SMS and Email notifications through one single window without needing to set it up separately for each institution. SMS can be sent to the right audience based on pre-configured parameters that can be for an individual institution or for all umbrella institutions. Holiday announcements, Fee pending reminders, schedule change notifications and even homework details to parents at school level.

Detailed Student Information System (SIS)

Edumate ERP Pro for group institutions is a features rich, highly configurable solution that is designed for complex processes of multi-campus institutions right from primary school to college. Student related data is saved in a central database and can be retrieved and analysed: registration, demand generation, admission, billing, financial aid, course, credits, grades etc. Advance staff MIS, RFID attendance, and faculty login access to manage their courses and given tasks.

Eagle view into analytics and reports

Enables the organization to track metrics and performance scorecards of all institutions through a unified dashboard. Viewing overall data and creating customized reports provides a smooth information flow enabling quick data-driven decision making. It also makes NAAC, AICTE and result analysis reports a matter of minutes.

Multiple access levels

The multi-institute management system has no ceiling on the number of user logins. Access levels and permissions, are set at super-admin level to ensure security of the data. The administrator has the rights to

  • Define roles
  • Assign permissions to roles
  • Assign roles to users
  • Edit/Delete permissions/users at any time

Case Study

Sairam Group of Institutions has more than 20 institutions including schools, engineering institutions, medical colleges, management school, teacher training institutes and polytechnic colleges. The multi-campus group is located in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Karnataka and has upward of 20,000 students. ITech India is their technology and digital partners and have automated their academic process through Edumate ERP. Read more about how the multi-institute management software resolved the challenges they faced in the casestudy.


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  • Attendance
  • Students / Staffs Profile
  • Marks and Analytics
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Dashboard
  • Daily Updates
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  • Online Admission
  • Digital Documentation
  • Transport
  • Purchase
  • Hostel
  • Library
  • Scholarship
  • Cashless Facility
  • Finance & Accounts
  • HR / Payroll
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  • Website Presence
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Alumni Portal
  • Digital Promotions

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