Ok, Google! How Voice Search is changing Digital Marketing?

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Search is moving from being at your fingertips to being at the tip of your tongue. How often in the recent past have you said one or the other equivalent?

“Ok Google, where is the best Chinese restaurant close to me?”

“Hey Siri, when are applications being issued for College XYZ?”
Voice search is now the next big thing. Already 28% of searches in India are voice searches while in America it is already at 40%. So, is your business voice search ready? Here is what you should be doing, if you are not.

What is Voice Search?

People can type at the most 30 words per minute but can speak more than 100 words a minute. So, no guesses why voice search is getting to be more and more popular. Voice search allows you to search the web using voice rather than typing. Touchscreens are very easy but the small keypad is difficult to use compared to saying “ok, Google” on an Android phone. Siri (iPhone) and Cortana (Windows) are also making their presence felt.

Voice search from phones and computers show the search in the usual web browser search page. However, what is voice search on smart assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home? It gets a bit tricky with these voice-activated devices since there is no screen, which will result in businesses losing out in their organic visits.

Why is Voice Search becoming so important?

How big is voice search? Let us look at thesevoice search statistics to know why businesses cannot ignore this new trend.

How to make your business ready for Voice Search Marketing?

Voice search is in our browsers, on our mobile phones and now even in our homes. Vo