How Schools Can Get the Most out of Social Media

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When I say that the digital media wing of ITech India has a large number of schools as our clients, I am often met with a surprised look. Social Media is important for educational institutions – parents want to know what is happening and it is a great way to interact with them. A website is just not enough, to reach out to your parents and prospects, social media is unavoidable. Having a Facebook page is only the start, the content on it must be engaging, informative and with an element of fun. This needs careful work going on behind the scenes to come across with the right branding for your school and ensure engagement. Here are a few insider tips.

Which Social Media Accounts Should You Create?

To start with, it’s best to decide on which Social Media channels you should concentrate on. For schools, most of your parents and staff will be on Facebook. Instagram is now more popular with your student community. So it all depends on who you are reaching out to. Facebook is a must and Instagram can be a good choice to make as long as you have a lot of visual content to share – this could be events at school, competitions your students have won, in fact anything of interest. For colleges, I would recommend adding LinkedIn to this mix as their University pages are a good way to link to alumni.

What you should be doing on a Facebook Page

Many schools make the mistake of creating a Facebook account similar to their private profiles. It is important to remember that business pages is a feature available on Facebook that provides schools with many additional benefits. Here is what you should be doing.

  • Create a community of dedicated followers:This should be an internal community (Teachers, staff members, students if they are old enough) and an external community (parents, prospects and educational professionals)
  • Show off your school: Create an exciting Cover Video like the one below we did for VidyaSagar Global School.

  • Create engaging posts (stay clear of those hum drum stuff). Show off all the things that make your school unique and all the amazing activities your students are involved in.
  • Don’t make one kind of post, mix it up. Pictures, videos, live streams, Gifs, links to external informative posts etc.