Are You Using LSI Keywords to Increase Your SEO Traffic?

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Dump ‘Keyword Density’ as your content optimization method. Google has forgotten it and it’s time you did too. Surprisingly though, many so called SEO experts are still pushing this when they talk to their clients about optimizing websites. Google algorithms have become smarter and use LSI keywords, the full form is Latent Semantic Indexing.

Google’s shift from keyword density to LSI Keywords

In the early days, Google ranked webpages based on keyword density. If your content mentioned “latest fashion trends” numerous times then the older search engine algorithms would consider that your webpage is about fashion trends and bring up your page when the keyword was used in search. And that is why keyword density was important – a few years ago. It is no longer the case.

Now, search algorithms use Artificial Intelligence and this means that no longer is it possible to just stuff your content with a few keywords. The new search ranking algorithms are using Latent Semantic Indexing to decide on the contents topic and relevancy to a user’s search.

What is LSI in SEO

LSI Keywords is what makes content understandable in the same way to both a machine reader and a human reader. Machine readers are nothing but algorithms that decide on the relevancy of content to feature it in the Answer Box(rich snippets that come in the form of questions at the top of search results) which is a big ranking signal for authority, as well as SERP. Coming in the first 10 results in Search Engine Results Page is when your page content beats out other pages for relevancy to a given search query. All this happens because of LSI Keywords.

Latent Semantic Indexing is a mathematical technique that looks for keywords related to the main keyword. If the search query is “Cars Prices in India”, Google needs to differentiate between the movie “Cars” and the product on sale. It does this by looking at the web of keywords that come together in the content to decide whether it needs to pick up content on different cars sold in India and leave out the story about the animated movie “Cars”.

Another one for the LSI Keyword examples can be this page. If you searched for “LSI Keywords for SEO” then mathematical algorithms will have crawled this page and recognized the LSI keyword web for this term in the content

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