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Case Study: Belluscura Home Oxygen App

Case Study: Belluscura Home Oxygen App

iTech and sister company 7T developed a mobile medical app for patients to monitor their medical oxygen concentrator devices provided by Belluscura.

Belluscura Provides Portable Oxygen Concentrators
for Chronic Lung Patients

Belluscura is a medical device company that had its origins in the UK and is now headquartered in The United States. It has a patented oxygen enrichment technology that helps chronic lung patients be more mobile. Their mission is to bring innovation to millions of people worldwide to get the supplemental oxygen they need for both short-term and long-term oxygen care.

Belluscura Nomad Biometrics Mobile App

Remote Oxygen Monitoring App for Patients

Belluscura chose to partner with our team to develop a mobile app with an easy-to-understand interface that would be provided to their customers along with the X-PLO2R® oxygen concentrator equipment. The goal was to make patient monitoring easier and to make it easier to live as close to normal life as possible while undergoing oxygen therapy. The medical app’s intuitive interface would display oxygen purity levels along with pulse rate and other metrics. 

Since these devices are life-critical connected devices, it had to provide alerts for other critical parameters such as battery life and sensor/power anomalies. The patient care mobile app is also designed with an alert engine for maintenance functions such as the replacement of critical parts such as filters, nasal cannulas, sieve cartridges, and other critical parts for optimal functioning.

Features of Nomad Health App that Improves
Patient Monitoring of Home Oxygen

Vital Oxygen Metrics

The easy to use interface displays upfront all critical metrics directly from the X-PLOR® portable oxygen concentrato

  • All oxygen therapy data is just a tap away on the mobile app
  • Patient breath rate and pulse volume
  • Oxygen flow rates and oxygen purity
  • Oxygen usage (hours used)

Battery Life Monitoring

Battery life and battery condition are as vital as oxygen metrics in patient care. This is because  users need to be continuously hooked to their portable oxygen concentrators.

The patient is immediately alerted when battery power is getting low. The mobile app device ensures that the oxygen concentrator equipment is working exactly as it needs to be.

Bluetooth Enabled

  • It is Bluetooth® enabled, so customers/patients can connect their Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) and Nomad app to their iPhone, Android phone. It can also connect to  Samsung watch, Apple Watch, Masimo pulse oximeters, Fitbit wearables and other devices.
  • The app also has the ability to input spirometer and pulse oximeter data.

Important Alerts

Even the simplest activity can affect patient’s oxygen requirements. The medical app features are built around this

  • Pulse rate and breaths per minute alert patients to adjust oxygen purity and flow rate. Alarm history provides data for healthcare providers to adjust treatment.
  • Nasal cannulas deliver heated air-oxygen mixtures to the patient. Cannula and filter reminders can be set through the app.

How the Nomad App is Vital to the POC

The portable oxygen concentrator (POC) and the mobile app come as a unit for proper functionality. Without it, the personalized experience offered by Belluscura’s innovative solution would not be possible.

The iTech development team, working alongside 7T (group company) helped Belluscura achieve this goal through a streamlined mobile app interface that intuitavily displays all important data and allows patients to access X-PLOR®  information from anywhere. The healthcare app also provides access to user manual and FAQs.

How the Nomad Biometric App Connects With X-PLOR®

The medical app and the POC is connected via a Bluetooth BLE connection. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is designed for very lower power operation. The feature of BLE is that it remains in sleep mode except when it periodically exchanges small packets of data. BLE has less drain on the mobile battery, unlike Bluetooth.

It is simple to connect the Nomad Biometric App with X-PLOR®. When the user logs into the app, a system-generated code is sent via an SMS text message. Once the code is entered into the app, it gets connected to the Portable Oxygen Concentrator device.

Are You Planning to Build a Patient Care App or
Healthcare Application?

iTech is an experienced software development company in the healthcare niche. We have our own patented EHR product RehabOne and have also delivered many unique solutions as we have done for Bellascura. 

If you are ready to build a mobile application reach out to our digital transformation experts.

Patient Care Mobile Apps FAQs

Custom mobile applications are increasingly being developed for patient care because it makes faster communication possible. Patients get access to a continuous stream of information as in the case of the Nomad app developed for Belascura. It increases access to point-of-care devices such as POC. It also improves the remote monitoring of patients’ health by healthcare providers. Apps like telehealth are using video conferencing for direct communication with healthcare professionals. It reduces emergency room visits and reduces costs.

Healthcare apps are categorized into 5 different types.

They are Medication tracking apps: The primary function is to ensure patient care by sending regular reminders about medication

Emergency healthcare apps: these are often used by chronic patients who with a single click can connect to the hospital emergency desk or doctors.

Electronic health record apps: Doctors and patients can get access to all health data.

Device monitoring apps: This facilitates remote patient monitoring, particularly for patients released from hospital to home care as well as patient care monitoring of attached devices.

Lifestyle healthcare apps: These can track your daily activity such as step trackers, weight loss apps, etc.

Health-related data is one of the most sensitive pieces of information and is governed by specific regulations. Different countries have their own regulations. For instance, America is governed by HIPAA compliance regulations. It is applicable to all healthcare apps that are developed for the US market. iTech is certified for HIPAA compliance.

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