NXTPICK Sports App

iTech Delivers a Talent Scouting Platform that Connects Players, Agents, and Universities

The Challenge

Spotting the next star athlete is often about attending school and university games across America to look for talented young players. The problem with this method of scouting players is that it’s not scalable. Similarly, young athletes find it hard to establish themselves as legitimate prospects if they are not seen. In this era of rapid technology innovation, the challenge is to bring real-time data of all amateur players and agents for different sports into one application. NXTPICK is a sports technology platform developed by iTech for a New York Non-Profit Organisation. where players, agents, and school and university administrators can connect with one another. The founder is himself a former college athlete at Virginia Tech. His vision for NXTPick is to help athletes who are finding it hard to connect with an agent, just as he did in his playing days.

Anticipating New Ways to Engage

iTech adopted a human-centric methodology as a collaboration model with our client. This, together with an agile model delivery ensured that the project could rapidly move from strategy to business case to a streamlined market offering.

This was the very first time a sports application was being delivered at an amateur player level in the US and success required user adoption at three levels – university, player and agents. Each is a vital cog and the sports app required ease of use and an expansive database as factors for accelerating collaboration.

Key Features

The iTech technology team delivered a range of features using next gen technologies and exciting partnerships.

The Technology Platform



Search an extensive database of player and agent profiles with refinoble search parameters that fit your individual needs


Build personalized profile pages that display the most important information for players or agents to view


Message players or agents within the app without having to provide personal contact Information


Agents can See how players stack up to top talent in their sport
Sports app for talent spotting saves scouts, teams, and players time and money, while also exposing and distributing evidence of emerging talent.