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Case Study of ConnectUs Employee Management Software | iTech

Client Success: ConnectUs Employee Management Software

iTech developed an Employee Relationship Mobile App and Web Portal to drive engagement, collaboration, and employee retention

Employee Relationship Management App

Bringing Together Meeting Tools, Members Directory, KPI and Goal Setting

ConnectUS is a professional services company located in Miami, USA.The company wanted an employee management software platform to bring together relationship-oriented technical tools to facilitate employee engagement. iTech has its development center in India and is based out of Dallas, collaborated with 7T (a group company) to deliver a mobile app supported by a web portal that enhances people management, right from performance and goal setting to rewards and recognition. Wherever you are, whatever details you need, the platform makes it available at your fingertips.

ConnectUs Mobile App Development by iTech

Mobile App Development for ConnectUs

Key Features of The Employee Management Software

Key Features of The Employee Management Software Developed by iTech

Meaningful 1:1 Meets

The ConnectUs Employee Management platform is built for managers to manage their teams proactively. Private and shared notebooks set the agenda for meetings and post 1:1 follow-ups are like meeting minutes but even better.

Key Features of The Employee Management Software Developed by iTech

Personalized People Insights

The ConnectUs User Profile Directory allows managers, teams, and leadership to easily get acquainted in a way that enhances collaboration and communication. Interpersonal skills and questionnaires gather valuable people insight.

Key Features of The Employee Management Software Developed by iTech

Performance Management System

People management is the ground rock of the platform developed for ConnectUs. 1-to-1 meetings are automatically integrated with performance management tools, KPI monitoring during check-ins, and goal-setting tools.

ConnectUs Company Profile Directory Developed by iTech
ConnectUs User-friendly Mobile App Development Developed by iTech

User-friendly Mobile App Development

Employee relationship management is often affected by Human resources and managers fighting against a pile of admin-related tasks. The platform we developed dramatically speeds up processes so that HR and Managers can focus on strategizing employee relations.

The ConnectUs employee management platform uses technology to develop a wide range of tool sets that are applicable to a diverse array of industries.

It is also suited for remote work models where collaborative tools are a necessity to increase productivity. The best workplaces create a positive social experience. The ConnectUs platform provides managers and employees with the tools to drive their own Employee Experience

Next-Generation Performance Management System

The platform eases up the process of setting and managing goals and competencies and also provides real-time insight into progress. It aids managers by running structured conversations through one-to-one meetings, and intelligent nudges with feedback to boost progress.

It helps to accelerate work and align teams’ with easy goal-management tools, while also nurturing individual career goals.

We are especially proud of how different modules are connected to each other so that performance reviews can be easily calibrated. It has proven to streamline processes to increase efficiency.

ConnectUs Next-Generation Performance Management System Developed by iTech

The Right Software Platform Developed by a Team of Experts

ITech has been a key technology partner in the digitization journey for a number of businesses in America. Each digital transformation solution we deliver does not just solve problems but goes further to improve processes through automation to increase efficiency and drive profitability.

FAQs About Employee Relationship Software

Employee relationship management is the process that companies follow to manage all interactions with employees. For effective communication to happen, it requires the implementation of supporting tools and technology.

  • It integrates with HR databases
  • It manages employee details
  • It provides for competency models
  • It streamlines communication
  • It aids in high retention and low-turnover

Employee relationship software is relevant for companies of all sizes. HR teams as well as managers who lead teams find it useful to use employee engagement software to improve communications with their team. It aids in collaboration and two-way feedback thus improving employee satisfaction and retention.

A performance management system is a consistent way of tracking employee performance and providing actionable insights in a transparent manner. It will monitor the goals set for each employee and will recommend rewards for good results as it happens. Using data insights can quantify the work a team delivers to the business.

Many companies think that it is enough to communicate with their employees through the company intranet or emails. However, 80% of the global workforce doesn’t sit at desks every day. Many might be working on factory floors, in sales or marketing, and out on the field, they could be frontline workers. What all of them have is a mobile phone. This is why mobile app development is seeing more projects underway for employee engagement – for their workforce to more easily get company information at their fingertips.

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