Why Embracing Intelligent Automation Will Change the Way We Work

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AI has made its presence felt in many aspects of our life – when shopping, even getting an Uber or talking to customer care, it’s right there, making life easier. Artificial intelligence and automation obviously then are transforming the way we work as well. While many are wary of AI taking their jobs, the truth is that automation will open up even more opportunities. Let’s deep dive into what is intelligent automation, applications of an intelligent automation platform in the workplace and potential challenges to the adoption of intelligent process automation.

What is intelligent automation?

Repetitive tasks like processing paperwork and other transactional work is not a job anyone enjoys. When the same steps have to be gone through ad infinitum, the chances of error increases. Going back to trace the error is not only frustrating but time consuming as well. Stats show that companies the world over are suffering a loss of $7 trillion because of loss in productivity.

Here is where automation steps in to free people from such laborious work while increasing accuracy. Intelligent automation combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and robotic process automation to create automated workflows that not only think but will also learn and adapt to changes.

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Intelligent automation definition aside, how does it really work?

Here are the four parts of the IA anatomy that makes machines more human

Computer vision: This copies human vision in that it can make computers understand the content and context of images and videos. Using computer vision, AI workflows automate tasks that normally require human vision to achieve.

Execution: These are the smart workflows which create the automated workforce

Natural Language Processing: This is the part of automation that can understand and respond to human conversations, making it invaluable in customer service

Think and learn: Machine learning is the “brain’ of the intelligent part of the automated workforce