7 Key Mobile App KPIs to Track for Improved ROI

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Key Mobile KPIs for Revenue

You have created an awesome app after months of development and have launched it. Now starts the work towards making sure that it brings in ROI. Knowing the best app KPIs (key performance indicators) to track will help your business to define its success and whether progress is being made toward the ultimate goals.

Here is the list of the seven most crucial mobile app KPIs that you must track, apart from any specific metrics unique to your product or service.

1.  General Mobile App KPIs 

The global percentage for uninstall rate for apps is 28%. In other words, 3 out of 10 users who have downloaded your app will delete it within 30 days. If it is higher than this, then you need to take corrective actions.

There are insights that you can get from uninstalls. For instance, if the number of uninstalls increases after an update or change in the mobile features, then you should monitor if the uninstalls happened from a previously stable mobile base. If yes, then dig into why the new features have had a negative impact.

These are the general KPI measurements to track

  • Mobile downloads
  • Mobile installs (a user might download your app but not install it)
  • Uninstalls

Engagement Metrics 

App engagement metrics tells us how users interact with your app. The better they are, the better your users like your app. Since engagement metrics have a direct connection with revenue, these KPIs are a must to track.

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2. Churn Rate 

The customer churn rate KPI gives an insight into how many of your users leave your app after using it a few times. You need to keep this low. If the customer churn rate is high then look into additional metrics to rule out app issues. One important performance metric is your app crash metrics that could cause users to abandon your app. You might also need to see if enoug