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"Edumate has made result analysis so much more stress free. Previously it took us 2 weeks with multiple resources working to compile it. Now our reports for NAAC, Anna University and internal analysis is ready in just minutes."

-HOD, Sairam


A Complete College Management System

No matter the size of your institution, when you want to automate your workflow and speed up productivity then Edumate ERP is just right for you. 16 years of partnering with educational institutions has honed our deep understanding of the academic processes, making Edumate ERP perfectly customizable to the specific needs of your institution.

The comprehensive suite of solutions allows institutions to select only the modules that they need. The college ERP modules seamlessly integrate administrative, financial and student processes to remove manual intervention as far as possible. It is built on a sophisticated Dot Net environment, securely hosted on the cloud with MVC technology that enables modern user driven interfaces.

The Core Modules

Admissions Management

Automate and streamline your college admission process by bringing it online. It begins with student enquiry software that tracks all phone calls and enquiries to the admission offices and ends with student enrolment.


  • Online application
  • Seats management
  • Integrated communication
  • Document management as per course
  • Check Application status online
  • Admin dashboard: detailed view of online admission activities.

Post Admission

  • Merit list generation
  • Marks and document verification
  • Branch counselling
  • Provisional admission / Admission confirmation

Student Information System

The Student Information System or SIS is a cloud-based, single view of the complete profile of each student. It aggregates student information from all modules to present a consolidated dashboard.

Instantly look up

  • Contact details & Parent information
  • Detailed student profile
  • Student categorization
  • Merit/Scholarship details
  • Admission details
  • Grades
  • Automated report cards

Program & Course Management

The college management system customizes and efficiently manage courses, subjects and multiple batches according to faculty and student sessions.

  • Create and manage courses
  • Set credits, hours and course sections
  • Curriculum and lesson plans
  • Course, section-wise attendance marking with SMS alerts
  • Powerful result analysis
  • Spot trends and problems at a glance
  • Enables students and faculty to go fully mobile

Faculty Management System

Edumate college management software makes the complicated task of faculty, course and student scheduling effortless.

  • Faculty profile
  • Course scheduling with best utilization of faculty
  • Notify faculty and students
  • Classroom allotment
  • Upload syllabus and course material
  • Chart out assessment schedules
  • Internal messaging system
  • Schedule and manage exams
  • Integrate with HR systems

Mentorship Programs

Edumate College ERP facilitates a high-quality, high-impact mentorship program. The online platform guides and tracks communication between the mentor and the student to foster personal and professional growth.

  • Assign mentor to students
  • Connect students with college resources as needed
  • Details of projects, extracurricular programs and attendance is visible to mentor
  • Mentor remarks gets added to student profile dashboard

Grievance Management

Edumates’s online grievance redressal system for colleges fulfils AICTE rule of grievance redressal. This new feature in our college management software, makes available an easy method for students, faculty or other concerned parties to get their complaint tracked and addressed.

Intelligent Analytics

The value of a student information system is directly related to the insights it provides through its reporting architecture. Edumate college ERP enables administrators and faculty to generate reports through easily understandable charts, pivot tables and tabular form.

  • Unlimited MIS report generation
  • Exam result analysis on various parameters
  • Attendance reports
  • Admin view of activity log details of every user
  • Fee reports
  • Inquiry reports
  • Library reports
  • Custom reports

Advanced Modules

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Manage Fee

  • Create Invoices
  • Add receipts
  • Add fee concession / scholarship
  • Fee submitted / Fee not submitted
  • Fine / Discount

Manage Accounts

  • Add Journal / contra entries
  • Create debit notes / credit notes
  • Manage payments
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  • Unique serial number identification through RFID library
  • Library automation software to search for books
  • Library Issue/Return transactions
  • Membership card generation
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  • Menu Details
  • Cafeteria Item Request
  • Consumed Item Report
  • Mess Inventory
  • Consumption Report
  • (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)
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  • Rooms and Bed allotment
  • Monitor Visitors/Parents entry
  • Hostel Student Attendance
  • Health record
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  • Vehicle records
  • Vehicles service, Insurance and crew
  • GPS Navigation
  • Students Route and Stops
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel charges
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  • Students create job profiles, upload resumes
  • Search and apply for jobs/internships
  • Companies easily screen applications
  • Colleges, manage campus interviews
  • Capture data and reports with a single-click

Additional modules available are Inventory Management, Asset Maintenance, Payroll Management, Alumni Management.

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