What’s All The Buzz About Microservices and Does Your Business Need it?

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The microservices architecture is like a beehive

Microservices is the new buzzword that is growing louder in the last few years. Everyone wants to build their applications using microservices even if that architecture might not be necessary for every app (more on that later). In fact, microservices is a fairly new architecture that was first ushered onto the world stage at a 2011 software architecture convention to describe experimental work that had started to make software systems more scalable and efficient.

This article gives you a peek into what microservices are , the benefits of microservices and more importantly, when to not use them.

What are microservices?

In the history of software evolution, there are two key moments that led to the new microservices architecture. The first is the advancement of cloud technology and the second was the growing complexity of web applications. The microservices architecture takes advantage of cloud technology and addresses the challenges of complex IT platforms. ‘Micro’ doesn’t necessarily mean small but that it is usually built for a single function.

In the real world, the honeycomb is a perfect analogy for the evolutionary microservices architecture. Bees build their honeycomb starting small i.e the build