Benefits of Exam Software for Colleges

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Many schools and colleges mistakenly understand that an exam management system is useful only if exams are conducted online. This is far from true. There are a wide range of processes that go into every academic examination for an institution. This includes question papers, setting timetables, integrating it with timetables of different programs to avoid clashes, managing seating arrangements, setting up invigilation duties, publishing results and issuing reports. An automated exam management system can take over these tedious as well as critical tasks and reduce man hours involved as when it is done manually.

Many educational institutions in India are either seriously evaluating an examination management system or are already in the process of automating their examination procedure. The reasons why are not hard to find.

1. A Pre-examination Module

The benefits of an online examination system begin with streamlining the processes that start before every examination. An automated system scores high on speed, precision and simplicity. While examinations are a common process in every educational institution, each institution might require a certain amount of customization in any exam software they choose. This is why it is always best to go with a well credited exam management system.
A robust exam software must have the ability to deal with large amount of data and to handle any number of courses, subjects and different kind of examinations. And finally, it should be able to seamlessly integrate with existing college management systems so that information can be easily passed between the two with high levels of security.

The main features of the pre-examination module include:

  • An online examination form filling
  • Retrieval of grades/marksheets of students
  • Verification and acceptance of student exam application
  • Roll number and hall ticket generation
  • Exam Time Table creation
  • Computerized exam seating arrangement and publishing lists. This is based on feeding in rooms and seating capacity and different course grouping.
  • Reports for course wise, institution wise (multi-group institutions) and subject wise student data appearing for the examinations

2. Examination Module

The EMS software allows both schools and colleges to automate their examination procedure. Autonomous higher education institutions can even define their examination patterns such as internal tests, terminal and final examinations and set their weightage for the final result. This completely eliminates any human error since the whole process gets computerized. Multiple flexible exam patterns can be predefined and any exam question paper needs to choose from this predefined list for an automatic weightage to be applied.

One of the biggest benefits of an online examination system is the strong security that a paper-based exam cannot match. If an institution opts to use an online route for their exams then questions can be uploaded into the system and the syste