3 Main Factors that Affect Mobile App Development Cost: USA vs India

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USA vs India app development cost

Almost everything in the business world has a price and apps are no exceptions. Software application development is the most frequently outsourced IT requirement. In fact, 60% of US and Canadian companies have outsourced this function, either in full or at least parts of it. These technology partners are based in their own country or more often projects are offshored and this depends on 2 business priorities. Getting a cutting-edge solution at a competitive cost as well as ensuring a team skilled in the technology needed. An American software developer could charge upwards of $150 an hour, while overseas the costs could drop as much as 60%. These benefits are why US companies are heading Indiawards

However, while the cost of app development could be as low as 5000 USD for simple apps, there are numerous factors that go into pricing These are our insights based on close to 20 years of working with clients in the US and globally.

How to roughly estimate the cost of app development

The final cost of developing an app depends on many factors and we will get into that later in this article. Companies though would like to know what kind of figures they co