6 undeniable benefits of RFID integration with School ERPs

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Educational educations are undeniably complex ecosystems, with multiple moving parts and large volumes of data. Some of the biggest challenges schools and colleges face are recording the presence of students, understanding teacher schedules and improving transparency between the school walls and parents. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can solve many of these complexities, however, it still requires administration to manually input data. For instance, a simple roll call, one of the most recognizable aspects of schools, involves manually recording a student’s presence or absence into the software. Therefore, an added feature can give educational institutions an edge when it comes to streamlining their processes: an RFID for school ERPs.

What is an RFID device?

Radio Frequency Identification is a system that records objects through the identification of radio waves. RFID devices are, in fact, so sophisticated that they can record every single unique object even when exposed to hundreds at a time. It can also read signals from several feet away, allowing it to track students over a large radius. RFID for school processes has multiple applications.

Here are some of the benefits of RFID technology and why you should integrate it with your school’s ERP.

1. Quicker and more accurate attendance

RFID chips can easily be inserted into students’ ID cards, making it possible to track their attendance with zero effort. An RFID reader placed at the entrance of a school/college or a classroom can detect each student’s presence as soon as they walk into a class. This data can then be transmitted into the ERP system to record the student’s attendance. With this technology, manually checking the attendance for each student will become redundant. This will ultimately save teachers a lot of time in each class, allowing them to use each class period more efficiently. It will also eliminate any human error in taking down attendance, leading to a completely accurate picture of a student’s attendance.

2. Great security within the campus

Every parent’s greatest concern when choosing a school is the safety of their child. RFID-embedded ID cards enable schools to track the movement of every single student within their campus. As soon as a child enters or exits the campus, their activity will be recorded through RFID. This gives parents a greater sense of comfort, knowing that their child is safe within the campus. It can also become a feature that gives a school an edge, since more parents will be willing to enroll their child in a school with advanced security features.

3. Faster library checkouts