6 Types of Cyber Attacks to Protect Your Business Against

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These days, data has become the most valuable asset a company can have. Because of this, companies have to constantly protect themselves against any attempt from malicious sources to access and misuse the data. While cybersecurity technology has advanced greatly in the last few years, the methods used by hackers have become more sophisticated as well. Here are six of the most common cyberattacks and how you can protect your company from them.

1. Gaining access through passwords

Violation of passwords is one of the most dangerous types of cyber security threats. If your employees use self-generated passwords to log into various accounts and gain access to dashboards, these passwords could be under threat of a cyberattack. Hackers often use programs that can generate multiple combinations of passwords until they find the right one. Once they find the winning combination, they can immediately get access to sensitive information.

To protect your company from this kind of a cyberattack, it’s important that you educate your employees on how to set up a strong password (the best passwords usually include a combination of special characters and numbers). They should also ensure that they use different passwords for different platforms and accesses. Using the same password for everything means that hackers can get access to multiple platforms at one go.

2. Phishing scams

This is one of the oldest and most common cyberattacks. In a phishing scam, people are asked to take a certain action, such as clicking on a link or providing certain information. These requests usually come through emails, but can be done through social media accounts as well. Once the user has completed the action, the hacker gets access to that system or certain information.

While people have become more educated about phishing scams these days, hackers have also made their approach more personalized and deceptive. For example, they might send an email from the subject’s bank, complete with phone number and account number to make it look authentic. To avoid phishing scams, employees should ensure that they do not open any email that comes from a source that they do not recognize.

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3. Malware attacks

Malware attacks or ransomware attacks are one of the best known types of cybersecurity threats. Once a hacker gains access to