4 Strategies to Improve Communication with Students/Parents Using Edumate’s ERP

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Advances in education technology have brought about a host of digital solutions to common school administrative processes like fees collection, attendance tracking, class scheduling, etc. However, the benefits of education technology don’t just have benefits for a school’s internal processes. It can be a powerful way to improve relationships with students and their parents as well.

Today, parents want a more transparent view into their child’s education. The extent to which a school facilitates this is critical towards building trust in the institution and improving a parent’s experience with it. A comprehensive school or college education ERP software like Edumate serves as the bridge to improve this communication.

Here are some of the most effective strategies to use a school ERP system to communicate more openly with students and parents.

1. Automating fees collection process

Collection of fees is one of the most integral activities for an institution, but it can also be one of the most complex. Oftentimes, a student’s total fees can vary depending upon the special classes they’re taking, their extra curriculars, financial aid, etc. Thus, there is rarely a single standard fee amount applicable for all students. Additionally, many parents might not be aware of the deadline for fees collection. This can lead to delays in payments and parents might also incur a late fee for missing the deadline.

A school or college education ERP software can simplify the entire fees collection process by facilitating better communication with parents at every stage. Parents will get notified about fees collection deadlines well in advance through automated reminders. The custom fees amount for each student will also be calculated automatically so that there is greater accuracy in fees collection. ERP solutions for schools can improve a parent’s experience with paying the fees while simultaneously ensuring that the institution gets the fees payment on time.

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2. School bus tracking