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iTech India Director, Navin Kumar Parthiban says the AI-powered solution developed for OnlineVisas, is the first of its kind for immigration law firms and immigration attorneys in the US.

Ritz Herald in an exclusive interview with 30-year Immigration attorney Jon Velie and CEO of discuss the game-changing application of the Visas.AI platform.
The Ritz Herald is a North American business news network, headquartered in New York City.

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A short round-up of the interview with Ritz Herald

Immigration Attorneys in the US have major challenges because of the constantly changing corpus of law concerning migration as well as confusing decisions from US governmental agencies. This is the main reason why software solutions have till now been limited to case management and form-building packages. It is in this scenario that Jon Velie, the CEO and Founder of OnlineVisas decided to work with the iTech Development team to address this gap.

Jon Velie has a strong track record as an accomplished immigration lawyer and has extensive knowledge of the law’s intricacies. Jon often handles extremely complicated issues at Velie Law Firm, where he almost always succeeds.


Velie Law Firm’s outcomes in June 2022 serve as the ideal illustration of how technology can be used in a case study.

The company used Visas.AI to submit 460 H-1B visa applications for more than 100 enterprises in a month, including 70 H-1B requests in a single day. Compared this number to the previous full year’s number – they were able to submit a total of 457 visa requests of all kinds for the full year.

The new AI platform enabled the immigration law firm’s staff to increase their impressive 95% approval rating to 99% when the National Approval Rating is just 60% for H-1B visa applications submitted in the last two years.

The attorney-guided software, which creates aesthetically appealing papers that identify and address issues frequently addressed in US Immigration cases upfront, is in large part responsible for this high success rate. This tactic is much more effective than the traditional method of using a brief cover letter and lowers the number of requests for evidence (RFEs) and denials.

Jon Velie attributes this success in large part to the engine trained on Velie Law’s decades of experience and data from an ever-growing database called Winning Strategies. This helps Attorneys to identify possible issues well ahead of time and create strategies to combat them.

The technology used by OnlineVisas is built for immigration applications from business and family immigration as well as asylum and refugee claims. They were most recently involved in helping Ukrainians and Afghans. OnlineVisas introduced its Visas.AI platform to an invite-only group of immigration lawyers in the fall of 2022. The ground-breaking service will soon be available for new subscribers directly on their website.

Visas.Ai uses artificial intelligence that has been enhanced with data and tactics. AI has the potential to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes immigration lawyers to prepare a case (allowing them to focus on strategy rather than gathering and organizing data and creating papers) and boost overall approval ratings.


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