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In recent times, virtual conferencing has been on the rise. While it has been utilized over the years, the pandemic has heightened the demand. Video calling is crucial for global connections in various sectors, including medical consultations, education, and business interactions.

As a vital communication and collaboration tool, there’s an increasing need for customized solutions that meet industry-specific requirements while addressing security and privacy concerns. Seamless video connectivity is fundamental, yet users prefer solutions that elevate the overall experience.

Why Is Video Conferencing Important?

In the current scenario, organizations must connect globally. This necessitates a secure and reliable platform. Driven by technology and the demand for global connectivity, virtual calling is now an essential communication tool. In organizations, project teams with members worldwide can conduct regular virtual meetings, promoting collaboration and keeping everyone informed of the status despite geographical distances.

Moreover, connecting with people on a video call helps foster an emotional connection, improving relationships and enhancing business handling.

  • About 60-70% of patient updates are communicated among doctors on internal video calls, especially while handling emergency cases.
  • About 45% of organizations have adopted video conferencing solutions and employee engagement platforms to strengthen connections while maximizing efficiency in accomplishing the HR processes.

The Utilization of Video Calling Across Industries


As the healthcare industry evolves rapidly, remote consultations have become commonplace. Patients can now connect with their doctors virtually and receive regular medical care online. Integrated with practice management software, the video conferencing option ensures efficient communication, enhances connectivity and fosters a cohesive and organized experience.

In healthcare, internal video calling facilitates secure communication of patient status among physicians, nurses, and staff, adhering to strict confidentiality standards. For example, when referring a patient to a specialist, doctors can securely convey health status, medical history, and the reason for the referral, ensuring utmost privacy.


Online platforms enable educational institutions to connect with students, streamline admissions, and save time and resources. Faculties can conduct virtual sessions covering syllabus, exam preparation, and academic discussions.

Additionally, institutions can organize online placement training programs featuring industry experts to assist students in achieving their career goals. Embracing digital solutions enhances educational offerings, providing students with an optimal learning experience.

IT Organizations

Video calling is essential for improving client communications and establishing more robust connections. The project teams can enhance the client experience through group video calling and foster relationships critical to business success. This way, seamless collaboration with other organizations is facilitated through screen sharing and discussions that emulate in-person interactions. These features prove crucial for businesses that maintain a competitive edge in today’s increasingly challenging marketplace.

HR Management

Video calling has simplified HR recruitment processes and enabled employers to connect with candidates from anywhere in the world at any time. While conducting a video call from the Human Resource Management Software allows companies to look beyond geographical restrictions and find the right candidate for the job, it also keeps a record of the candidates’ information that could be further utilized while onboarding them.

Moreover, virtual connectivity has revolutionized employee engagement by connecting with colleagues face-to-face. Integrating video calling services with employee engagement platforms has enabled users to enhance their connections with people within their organization, thereby creating a more engaged and productive workforce.

Sales and Marketing

Video calling transforms sales and marketing by facilitating product demos and client presentations. Integrated with CRM systems, it enhances sales pitch accessibility, fosters interactive discussions, and ensures a centralized client interaction repository for refining strategies and understanding customer needs. In marketing, video calls are crucial in virtual meetings, campaign discussions, and stakeholder presentations, elevating overall sales and marketing efforts by fostering stronger connections and driving personalized engagements.

Customer support, Hospitality, and Consulting are a few other industries that utilize video calling services extensively.

Features Redefining Video Calling Today

While every industry has enhanced its processes and improved efficiency with online solutions, the very next requirement to upgrade their customer experience could be a video calling solution.

Though video conferencing applications like Jitsi Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. can be used to connect virtually, it is not desirable to use a separate application for this purpose. It is essential to have a well-integrated and completely customized solution that works well with the current workflow and doesn’t disrupt the regular process.

Here are a few customizations we provided our clients that helped them reconsider how they used their video calling service.

Office Chat for Secure Internal Communications
Calls based on prior appointments

Video calls are often scheduled to enhance connections, and it is essential to have a well-planned and organized approach to avoid confusion. By enabling the video calling link only on prior scheduling, we eliminate the chances of conflicts in calls, and end-users can be available to take the call at their allotted slots. This approach provides callers with a clear picture of the virtual meetings scheduled for the day, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Calls for internal communication

It’s crucial to have effective internal communication channels in place to ensure your team’s success. The video calling option allows team members to connect virtually, facilitating discussion and collaboration on action items, training and development sessions, and internal communication that is secure and confidential. By leveraging this option, you can promote a culture of transparency and accountability, enhance productivity, and drive better business outcomes.

A single-use meeting link

In some instances, a reusable link is unnecessary or undesirable, and a one-time active link provides the highest level of security for communication. This is particularly relevant regarding session payment, where the URL is directly linked to the payment for that specific teleconsultation.

Easy integration

You could be using practice management software, student management software, HRMS, or any tool, depending on the industry you work in. We help you have your video conferencing option integrated to ensure you can easily access the feature without having to log in to another platform. Make video calls with just a click from your current software to connect with your customers online.

The highly secure “office chat”

The office chat option revolutionizes internal communications within the organization. It enables teams to stay connected and informed of all critical updates, ensuring everyone is on the same page. This has greatly improved collaboration and productivity within the team while keeping communication secure.

Pre-set Meet Duration

One of the essential features of video conferencing is the ability to set a fixed duration for your call. This not only helps you keep your meetings well-organized, but it also allows you to plan and prepare for each call. Plus, you can use the interval between calls to catch your breath and prepare for the next one.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Now, you can multitask on a video call! We have implemented the PiP functionality that allows you to check into your documents or medical records, or maybe your student’s records, while on a call.

Crossing time zones

Video calling eliminates the barriers of time zones, enabling businesses to connect with customers from anywhere in the world at any time. This makes it easier for customers to receive the support and assistance they need, regardless of their location or time zone, while enabling team members in different locations to collaborate seamlessly, improving productivity and efficiency.

Host-only Call Initiation

Our video conferencing API allows only the host to initiate the call, giving them greater control over the scheduling process. This gives hosts an edge in deciding how and when to initiate planned calls. By providing hosts with greater control over the process, video calling tools help to streamline communication and increase efficiency. This feature ensures the video call happens at a planned time and provides a seamless experience for all parties involved.

With the escalating demand for video calling, the market has witnessed a surge in video conferencing service providers. What distinguishes us is our commitment to ensuring the utmost user satisfaction. Recognizing virtual communication’s vital role in modern business, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience to every user with our services.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any queries or are contemplating aligning your customer interactions with current trends. We are just a click away and eager to engage in a consultation!


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