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Are you frustrated by calls slipping through the cracks at your front desk? Perhaps puzzled to locate patient details or overwhelmed by the volume of incoming calls while trying to maintain exceptional customer experiences? Well, it’s time you upgrade your practice management and witness a paradigm shift with a browser extension that notifies your VoIP calls.

Challenges With the Usual VoIP Telephony

On a regular day, the front desk of a healthcare facility is rushed with tasks and frequent calls, making it essential to organize and simplify their operations. While balancing customer experience and improving processes are both key, ensuring the process is harmonious, secure, and guaranteed to attain the desired results is crucial.

Most healthcare organizations use practice management software and handle patients on VoIP calls, but some challenges still need improvement.

  • Collecting patient details during phone calls is a general issue. Upon call reception, the administrator must request basic customer information and manually search for and fetch the relevant details from the software. This requires patients to disclose personal information over the phone, posing privacy concerns while making the process time-consuming and less efficient for the administrator and the patient.
  • While looking for information, there is a risk of retrieving incorrect information, leading to unnecessary access to health records and requiring the administrator to repeat the entire task, introducing inefficiencies and possibly compromising data accuracy. This adds complexity to the administrative workflow and may impact the overall quality of customer service.
  • The absence of first-hand information on the caller’s details presents a significant challenge. Personalizing interactions is impossible without instant access to relevant data, leading to prolonged call durations and increased error risks. This limitation hampers the overall efficiency and may impact the quality of customer service.
  • If a second call is encountered, staff often put the initial caller on hold to gather information. This practice disrupts the ongoing conversation, causing frustration for both parties and hindering workflow efficiency. Eventually, this results in extended call times, leading to dissatisfaction among both callers and staff.
  • The staff could be unequipped to handle emergencies, resulting in difficulty responding to critical situations. This can be perplexing, as the crux lies in the potential delays, increased stress, and suboptimal decision-making that may occur when emergencies arise, emphasizing the need for comprehensive preparation and simplified workflows to ensure a seamless and efficient response.

Ease Patient Calls with a Browser Extension

  • Our browser extension alerts the VoIP calls and assists administrators by providing immediate access to real-time patient data. When a call is received, the extension swiftly retrieves comprehensive patient information, including names and health records, directly from the EMR. This information can be viewed on a dedicated browser tab for quick and efficient reference.
  • Users can personalize the placement of their screen pop up. This user-intuitive interface allows them to decide where the alert should be displayed, ensuring it integrates with existing workflows without causing disruptions.
  • In the event of a second call, the plugin displays a call pop for the second call, and the caller details can be viewed on a separate tab without placing the current caller on hold. This option aids in prioritizing calls based on seriousness and minimizes the need to put any calls on hold.

  • Real-time data retrieval helps streamline call handling, enabling front desk staff to access information immediately. This enhances responsiveness, minimizes wait times, improves customer satisfaction, and optimizes workflow efficiency in interactions.
  • Front desk administrators can navigate patient information while upholding privacy standards. Data Masking hides confidential data, including personal details and medical records, ensuring compliance with confidentiality norms. This approach fosters trust and reassurance among patients, enhancing the overall security and integrity of the healthcare information management process.
  • Customizable data retrieval balances efficient information retrieval and data privacy considerations. This allows front desk administrators to customize the extent and nature of the data they retrieve, ensuring they only access the information necessary for the task. This enhances data protection and compliance with privacy regulations and affords users greater control over the sensitivity of the information they handle.

Perks of Choosing a Browser Extension for VoIP

Real-time Access to Customer Information:

Upon call reception, the screen pop up appears, and the caller details are displayed on the screen instantly, eliminating manual searches and delays. This facilitates faster and more accurate responses.

Reduced Wait Times:

Staff can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as viewing customer details on a call or preparing relevant information beforehand. This leads to greater productivity and reduced wait times.

Reduced Hold Times:

Faster access to information minimizes the need to place callers on hold, leading to less frustration and a smoother overall interaction.

Lowered Average Handling Time:

With the availability of caller information in advance, the average call handling time is drastically reduced, indirectly leading to lesser abandoned or missed calls.

Personalized Interactions:

Staff can address clients by name, reference their history, and provide prompt service, fostering stronger relationships and a more positive experience.

Reduced Manual Data Entry:

Automatic display of customer details eliminates errors associated with manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and consistency in records.

Quicker Call Routing:

Staff can quickly transfer calls to the appropriate personnel based on immediate access to the caller’s medical information, reducing delays and misrouting.

The healthcare front desk is well-known for its dynamic nature, demanding an advanced and streamlined system to manage routine tasks without burnout. Each telephone interaction managed by the front desk holds paramount importance, and immediate and prompt handling is of utmost significance in meeting customer expectations while optimizing services to achieve the highest satisfaction.

An extension designed to alert you of incoming VoIP calls within your browser, even during an ongoing call, coupled with a personalized and detailed screen pop, is an excellent choice for elevating your overall performance and fostering enhanced communication practices. If you want a customized call pop for your extension, connect with us, and let’s collaborate on developing a tailored solution for you!


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