Empowering Staff and Improving Patient Outcomes

RehabONE – Electronic Health Record Software (EHR)

Just as there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to addiction recovery, an EHR Software that cannot customize to specific needs is never going to work. When a midsized de-addiction treatment center in Louisiana approached us, they were very specific about what they needed.

Their team of psychologists, social workers, nurses and psychiatrists all had different documentation needs. As a growing organization, they needed to manage their data at a much higher level of sophistication. They also needed a practice management program that could integrate with their existing billing software and Lab software. In short, they did not want to give up their existing systems.

The Solution: A Customizable Practice Management Solution that Integrates with Existing Systems.

RehabONE is an enterprise grade EHR software specially designed for addiction treatment organizations. It seamlessly combines electronic medical records EMR and substance abuse treatment management in a single-system database. The software takes care of both In-Patient (IP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Level of Cares through every stage of the treatment. 

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Follow up is seamlessly mapped and followed

RehabONE Features

The Benefits: Empowering Staff and Improving Patient Outcomes

Eliminated the hours spent on manual data entry With RehabONE Addiction treatment software, the patient data only needs to be entered once. Every patient is moved through the treatment stages without the need for new documentation. This saw the center saving many hours usually spent on documentation, allowing more focus on patient care. In the words of the Program Director “With RehabONE’s robust reporting features, statistics that used to take days to pull together, now just takes minutes.” Improving the continuum of care Complete patient history at a glance has helped to improve the quality and continuum of care. A single dashboard can evaluate and provide reasoning of patient medication records. For example, a patient who has a medication history stretching across a long period of time would be impossible to evaluate using paper charts. 

Empowering Staff and improving patient outcomes

The RehabOne software makes it easy to track changes quickly and evaluate what problems the patient has been having, enabling progressive improvement. Compliant with safety and security regulations Mental health records require a high amount of confidentiality. Log-in rights were customized for different staff members to comply with HIPAA guidelines. Access was provided only to those that needed it. Therapist’s notes remain confidential. Security was assured allowing for easy incorporation of drug and alcohol treatment records into the EHR system. A more secure environmentthan paper documentation.

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