How Businesses are Leveraging Sentiment Analysis Using NLP

Every good conversation starts with good listening.Each time a customer mentions your brand name, you should be listening. The fine art of listening has been elevated to new levels by a disruptive technology – NLP sentiment analysis. It offers you the luxury of having an army of virtual observers listening on your behalf to what your customers […]

How Does Inventory Management Work?

Inventory management is the backbone of every business. It allows you to keep track of product stocks, sales, orders, returns and purchasing trends, to name a few. The inventory system can also be applied to keep tabs on company-owned assets like equipment, computers and devices, vehicles, furniture etc. In other words, inventory management can also […]

Is Technical Debt the Monster it is Made Out to Be?

As a business owner or developer, have you been involved in a project where a simple feature change or even a bug fix has taken weeks to resolve and often brought with it other problems? That is technical debt in action. But is technical debt to be considered a code monster lurking in your system […]

Lift and Shift Migration: What is it and is it the Right Option for You?

2020 was certainly one for the history books. Of all the changes the pandemic and lockdown brought about, one of the most enduring impacts is in the way we work. Businesses across the world were forced to shut down their physical premises and each employee’s home became an extension of the workplace. This sudden change […]

Why Progressive Web Apps Are Getting Higher Conversions?

In 2015, Google coined the term progressive web apps as they introduced them for the first time into the business universe. The name is apt on so many counts – ‘Progressive’ because Google was creating a flexible, adaptable app using only web technologies. ‘Progressive’ because these web-based applications were using new features supported by modern browsers that let users […]

Geolocation App Development: Do’s and Don’ts

Think of the recent apps you have used – maybe one of the online food delivery services, or hailed a ride on Uber, logged in your daily run with Adidas Runtastic or used a dating app.  The use cases are endless for apps that have made our lives easier by using Geolocation as an integral […]

7 Reasons to Use React Native Framework for Enterprise App Development

React Native framework is based on JavaScript and lets you develop an app that works on both iOS and Android. Before the introduction of React Native, mobile app developers would have to develop separate versions of their app for both mobile operating systems, a practice which predictably drove up costs and time required for app […]